Complete Offset Printing Line for Lids

Manufactured by Kase Equipment
Model: KLP6
Dual Lane

- Spinrod feed system
-Main machine with infeed table, pusher bars & 6 complete printing stations
-UV drying system
-Screw roller/restacker
-Spare parts included
-Sets of lid tooling
-Electrical prints and manual

Prints six colors in a single pass-line, halftone, full process or any combination
Prints on round, rectangular, oval or square lids
Mechanical speed: 1000 lids per min.
Fully automatic, from feeding through restacking
480 Volt
6 Color Offset Printer
UV Drying System
Lid Feeder for Offset Printer
Lid Stacker for Offset Printer
Samples of Lids Printed on this printer